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Welcome to resqme! We are dedicated to providing safety tools to help you when seconds count. The resqme window breaker and seatbelt cutter will get you out of your car in a vehicle emergency. Join the two million people who drive with peace of mind and are ready to help their neighbor when seconds count.

We have been dedicated to serving the community with the highest quality products for over 10 years. We go above and beyond to be more than just a company that sells prodcuts, but a company dedicated to delivering safety tips and information that will help save lives. Our products are there for you When seconds count...™

Our tool is perfect for all motorists on the road, Public Safety Professionals and Corporate Sponserships. Click Here to learn more.

resqme News:

I5 Bridge fell in Washington

May 24, 2013:
After the bridge collapsed on the I-5 in Washington yesterday, Popular Mechanics & NPR KUOW radio in Washington highlight this incident as a wake-up call: Don't wait to learn on how to escape a sinking car.

March 25, 2013:
Lisa Stark from ABC World News reports on a workshop by Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht (hosted by Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County) to helped spread the word on vehicle submersion and the resqme solution. Click here to view the article. resqme's President, Laurent Colasse, was in attendance at the workshop on vehicle submersion in Collier County, FL. He joined with Dr. Giesbrecht on standardizing a 4 step procedure to escape a sinking car. Click here to learn the steps that can save your life.